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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jonah and The Vernal Equinox

Kelly had a "routine" OB visit on Monday and discussed options for delivery with her doctor as well as dates for the birth. She and I discussed those options on Tuesday and the plan was set today for the date and time for Jonah to be born.

Friday, March 20th. Noon.

The plan, as is stands, is that if she goes into labor before the 20th, she will attempt a natural birth. If that does not happen, we will go with the scheduled date and time for the C-section.

We also received the written birth plan that we discussed with the infant loss coordinator at the hospital as well as the doctors that will be attending the birth. Nothing new to report there, we are still planning on providing him as much comfort as we can for as long as he is with us. We will take that birth plan to the hospital to make sure that everyone knows our wishes prior to the birth.

Kelly has one more appointment scheduled for March 12th which will be the last in the long line of ultrasounds as well as a "pre-op" visit to discuss what will happen on the 20th. I can't imagine any blog updates before then, and the post after that appointment will probably be the last before he is born.

John & Kelly