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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

32 Week Update

Kelly had an ultrasound today and for all practical purposes everything is the same as last Monday. The baby is no better or worse, which is probably the most we can hope for at this point considering that there is no amniotic fluid. The prognosis has not changed either, it has just given us another week to wait and prepare.

Prior to the ultrasound, we visited with one of the nurses at the Perinatal Center where we learned that she changed the time for Kelly's next ultrasound to Wednesday morning at 7:45. She also set up a meeting immediately after the ultrasound for us to meet with the doctor who will perform the delivery, the high risk OB doctor who has been treating Kelly, and with a neonatologist. This is the meeting we have wanted and it has been set up so we can talk about birth plans and what options we have to provide comfort care for Jonah after he is born. The ultimate goal of the birth plan is to keep the risk low to Kelly and provide the safest path for Jonah to enter the world.

We also met with a social worker after the ultrasound who gave us some more information about how to talk to Evan about what is going to happen, as well as to whom we should be speaking to regarding post-birth plans. There is no exact science to tell how long we will have with him after he is born; we won't know until doctors can check his lung function. All that means is we need to be prepared for whatever we can in case he out lives our expectations.

That is all for this week; not a lot of action but it has also been nice to have a slow week to help deal with the emotional fallout from last week. I don't think there will be any news to share before next Wednesday, but I will update the blog if there is.